Katt Williams Explains Recent Fight With Teenager During Standup Routine


Earlier this week, Katt Williams was in major news after getting in a fight with a teenager after a soccer game in Gainesville, Florida. However, he turned what seemed to be a bad incident into a positive one by explaining the situation in a funny short routine. According to MediaTakeout, the comedian claimed that the teenager provoked the fight by talking trash throughout the game. However, instead of just fighting, Katt tells the fans that he was concerned about the the 17 year old's anger"

"Do you know I'm in trouble for the mothafuckin law, you see all these people recording. But just understand, if I can take yo' ass around this mothafuckin corner, I would explain to you [that] you don't talk to grown naggers like that."

Katt followed up by asking the teenager about his parents too. Unfortunately, the following sequence of events eventually had Katt Williams getting choked out on the ground. Someone managed to record his routine. Check it out below.