Katt Williams Must Pay $25,000 For Beating Up His Own Fan

The comedian blew off a lawsuit and now he must pay up.

(AllHipHop News) Comedian Katt Williams will have to shell out some big bucks for punching one of his fans in the face.

Tyrell Williams sued Katt back in 2016 after the funnyman beat him up for trying to take pictures and videos of him at an after-hours lounge in Georgia.

Tyrell's lawsuit said Katt smacked his phone and then landed several blows to his face for good measure before the actor high-tailed it out of the spot.

Now Katt must pay $25,000 for completely blowing off the lawsuit, resulting in a default judgment in favor of his battered fan.

"He ended up walking in and smacked my phone out of my hand. I bent down to pick it up. When I picked it up he punched me twice," Tyrell Williams told CBS46.

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