KC Chiefs Larry Johnson Denies Profane Recording Rap Song

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has denied recording a rap song on a Myspace page which contained profanity and takes shots at Chief's General Manager Carl Peterson.

The single, titled "Original LBJ," was recorded by a group named the SBL Mob, apparently before Johnson resigned a $45 million dollar contract extension with the Chiefs in August.

Johnson, who is featured in Jay-Z's new "I Will Not Lose" advertising campaign for Rocawear, makes references to the "Roc" during the track, which contains numerous curse words and makes references to guns.

Towards the end of the song, which also features gunshots blasting in the background, Johnson takes a shot at Chief's General Manager Carl Peterson, as well as #31, teammate Priest Holmes, also a running back.

Holmes was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list last month, after an absence from the game for almost two years since a spine injury sidelined him in October of 2005.

Johnson has denied recording the song.

“That’s not my voice,” Johnson said. “If someone’s imitating me, that’s more than, you know kudos to them.”

According to the group's Myspace page, SBL Mob hails from Oakland, California but relocated to Kansas City.

Group members include Don-D, incarcerated member Killer-GABE, T-Beans, Lil-B.

While he is not a member Johnson allegedly records with the group along with former Chief's player Joe Hall.