Keith Murray Calls In


Murray has been

heard...He called into Buc-Wild and Star's Player Hater Line.

No one had heard from him for the past month, when he went AWOL

instead of showing up to prison to start a three year bid. When

he didn't show, the same judge ordered him re-arrested, and set

his bail at $2 Million big ones. When asked by MTV reporter Chris

Connelly about his whereabouts, Redman said "That's for me

to know and y'all motherfuckers to find out." It was Redman's

DJ that called and put Murray on the line. This is what he had

to say: "Yo Star what up? It's Keith Murray. Listen, it ain't

the fact that I'll turn myself in for a time. It's a conspiracy

theory against me, yo... And we all know how it's going to blow

over, just like you said Star. That time is going to blow over,

but right now I'm in a situation, shit ain't no game."