Keith Murray Explains Def Jam Release, Preps New Album

After serving three

years in prison for a 1995 brawl, rapper Keith Murray was released in May of 2001,

rejoined Def Squad family, almost immediately jumped on the hit record "Fatty

Girl," and inked a deal with Def Jam.

So with a hit single

getting moderate radio airplay and a new album, He's Keith Murray being promoted

by Def Jam, why was he suddenly released from his contract?

"I got into

a disagreement with one of the niggas that work up there," Murray revealed

to "He took the situation up into the office, saying things

like he couldn't work under the pressure. I would call Kevin [Liles, President

of Def Jam] about certain things and it would be done with. This guy put a letter

into human resources and they told Kevin that they (human resources) would deal

with it."

The result was

walking papers, which Murray says were the result of simple label politics.

"Due to the

lawsuit that Lyor got into with TVT and the thing going down with Murder Inc.,

they gave me my release because they didn't want to deal with it," Murray


The rapper is not

looking back . He's launched his own label, Head Rush Entertainment and has

started recording a new yet-to-be titled album and has nine songs in the can.

"I was already

uncomfortable with Def Jam anyway, because they were trying to control my creativity

and I didn't like that," Murray said.

Murray is currently

negotiation with three "powerhouse" record labels to handle his new

album, which he says will hit shelves in late fall/early spring.

"I want my

fans to know I aint going no where. Matter of fact, hit me up on email at

I'll be on it and responded back. I gotta keep the people close to me."