Keith Murray Hit With Lawsuit, Preparing 5th Album

Rapper Keith Murray

has been hit with a lawsuit stemming from a stabbing at Webster Hall in New York

last year.

The lawsuit was filed in Kings County Court in Brooklyn, New

York, claiming that the rapper allegedly stabbed a fan during a concert in the

early morning hours of Christmas day of 2004.

The legal action comes as the rapper is recording material to

release his fifth album, Beautifully Ugly, which is scheduled for a

2006 release through a recently inked deal with Def Squad/Koch Records.

The rapper spent 33 months in prison for a second degree assault

conviction for his role in

a fight with a Connecticut nightclub promoter. He was incarcerated from

1998 to 2001 and released in May of 2001.

Murray served the term, but consistently denied committing the

crime throughout his stint in prison and after he was released.

Murray’s 1994 debut, The Most Beautifullest Thing

in the World, has sold over 500,000 copies, was certified gold and spawned

Murray’s best known hit of the same name.