Kelis Avoids Possible Jail After Nas Drops Contempt Of Court Charges

The rapper and his ex-wife might be working some things out after today's court date was canceled.

(AllHipHop News) Nas is de-escalating the nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Kelis, according to new court documents.

In the latest round of court wrangling, Nas has instructed his lawyers to ask the judge to drop contempt of court charges he filed against Kelis.

The rapper had claimed Kelis violated the terms of their custody agreement over their son Knight at least 20 times.

He also detailed an incident where Kelis left the country and kept Knight in Columbia, which ruined Nas' New Year's since he was supposed to be with his son.

Nas decided to drop the charges before a hearing on the matter, which was supposed to take today (June 20).

Kelis had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges as their custody battle rages on in court.


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