Kelis Must Pay Nas & Use Starbucks As Neutral Ground In Custody Battle Over Son

Kelis and Nas seem to be making progress in the ongoing dispute over their son, Knight.

(AllHipHop News) R&B singer Kelis has abandoned plans to permanently leave California for Colombia following custody objections from her ex-husband Nas.

The former couple has been locked in a legal battle over the care of its nine-year-old son, Knight, for years.

Nas recently asked a family court judge to hold Kelis in contempt after accusing the "Milkshake" hitmaker of repeatedly ignoring the official shared custody agreement they had previously signed.

He also claimed his ex had relocated to Colombia with their kid, without his consent.

Kelis pleaded not guilty to the allegations in April but last month, it appeared the musicians had managed to resolve the issue privately, as Nas' attorney filed a request for the dismissal of the charges.

Now new court papers reveal that Kelis has ditched her reported plans to live with her family in Colombia, and will instead be setting up home in Temecula, California - a move Nas has approved, as per the terms of their custody deal.

They have even agreed to meet at a Starbucks coffee shop in Anaheim whenever they are required to hand over Knight at the end of his custody stays with each parent.

Meanwhile, Kelis has also been forced to pay just over $15,000 to Nas' attorneys in previously-ordered court sanctions.

The exes divorced in 2010 after five years of marriage, but they didn't set a formal custody deal in place until 2017.

Kelis subsequently moved on and wed Mike Mora in 2014, welcoming a son together in 2015.

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Only if they never had to go through this custody battle


Well this is not Nas’s fault. Dude just want to see his son when it is his time. Nas cannot help this Looney Kelis will not let him go! She loves Nas man! It is deeper want we all think!


It will get better when they realize it's not good for their child's upbringing