Kelis Releases Statement on Knight’s Birth, Confirms Nas’ Absence

AllHipHop Staff

With Nas confirming and celebrating his first son’s birth during a performance in Queensbridge earlier this week, Kelis has disclosed her own official statement on the child’s delivery.

Representatives for the singer confirmed that Knight arrived healthy with no complications, despite a long labor period.

"Kelis gave birth to Knight Jones last night on July 22nd around 9PM,” stated publicist Tracy Nguyen. “Weighing a healthy 7.8lbs, the beautiful baby boy and his mother are doing wonderful. This was a natural birth and Kelis has been in labor since early Monday morning around 2AM.”

A normally joyous occasion had been marred by reports that Kelis barred Nas from seeing the birth of his son.

While the supposed ban was not confirmed nor denied, Kelis’ representatives did verify the Queensbridge legend was not present.

“Knight was delivered in a NYC hospital with her mother and sister in the room,” Nguyen stated. “This is the mother's first child.”

Kelis and Nas were scheduled to attend a court hearing regarding their divorce, which was filed by Kelis back in April 2009.

Recently, lawyers for both parties have been disputing matters of spousal and child support, along with Nas’ current income wages.

Lawyers for Kelis claim Nas has made over $11 million courtesy of his lucrative 2006 Def Jam contract, and request the rapper pay upwards to $20,000 a month in child and spousal support.

Attorney’s for Nas argue that those income figures are grossly inflated, and request the singer only receive a child support stipend of $5000 monthly, and involve the rapper fully in the child’s raising.

At press time, a rescheduled court date hearing is pending.