Kelis Requests More Financial Support from Nas

AllHipHop Staff

After receiving a judgment last month ordering Nas to pay over $44,000 in monthly child and spousal support, singer Kelis is now requesting an increase totaling over $400,000.

According to court documents filed by Kelis Rogers lawyer Laura Wasser, her client is entitled to more income since Nas allegedly grosses $244,826.00 per month.

In comparison, Wasser states that Kelis only generates 13,744.00 per month and is dependent on Nas to maintain her current lifestyle.

Kelis is asking for $17,225.00 a month in child support, $72,728.00 in spousal support, retro child support of $29,522.00, and retro spousal support of $281,571.

If the courts approve, Kelis will receive a total of $401,076.00 in addition to the $44,000 plus judgment decreed last month.

The July judgment will be reviewed in September, at which time a judge will make a final decision on what Nas will pay in child support, and how long he will required to maintain spousal support for his ex-wife.

The star couple divorced in April, with Kelis citing irreconcilable differences.

Both parties have kept the matter private, with Nas simply asserting he was a good husband and his happiness at the successful birth of his first son, Knight.

At press time, neither Nas nor Kelis could be reached for comment on the latest court proceedings.