Kendrick Lamar: 'Designing Shoes Is Like Making Music'

For Kendrick, fashion seems to come easy.

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar has compared the creation of his latest Nike sneaker line with the process he follows when making music.

The 30-year-old hosted an NBA All-Star Weekend event in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, where he unveiled his recent Nike collaboration, the Kendrick Lamar x Nike Cortez Kenny II collection.

When asked how designing footwear compares to crafting hit songs like "Humble," the rapper divulged that he viewed the two as similar processes.

“It’s almost like the same process for me… a lot of detail," Kendrick shared at the sports gathering, reports Billboard. "I like to have every little nick and nack counter or apart from each other, so people can appreciate that.”

The songwriter, who bagged four Grammys at this year's ceremony, went on to describe his sneaker line as having "a classic L.A. feel" and also shared that his collaboration with the sportswear brand was inspired by teenagers.

"Being in their shoes, I was once in a place where they were at — a lot of dreams and aspirations," he mused. "Looking at them and wondering where I want to go, and I can see that vibe and I can see they have a lot of energy for walking out here. That’s something I respect."

The "Damn" record maker disclosed that Nike Air Max "97 and the 95s" are his shoes of choice, and additionally opened up about his desire to take his writing talents to the film industry one day.

He also revealed that he is his biggest critic when creating music and footwear.

“I got to be comfortable with it 100 percent. I got to feel good about it. I got to feel like I can wear something on the daily and something I can listen to on the daily," he stated. "Then, give it out to the world, and hopefully they feel the same.”