Kenny Clutch's Alleged Shooter Fights Extradition

(AllHipHop News) The triple homicide shooting that claimed the life of Oakland rapper Kenneth "Kenny Clutch" Cherry is nearing completion but not before some complications.

Prime suspect, 26-year-old Ammar Harris challenged his extradition from to Nevada from California on Monday (March 4th) after being captured last Thursday (February 28th).

Harris was arrested at a Studio City apartment complex in Los Angeles.

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Harris' defense attorney relayed his client's request for police and/or other Nevada authorities be summoned to Los Angeles, California to identify him as the correct fugitive.

A possible way to challenge state to state extradition would be for Harris and his attorney to prove Harris was not in Nevada at the time of the murder.

A highly unlikely scenario since the arrest warrant states the police used interviews as well as Taxi cab dashbord and casino camera videos to tie the self-described pimp to the Haze nightclub Cherry attended on February 21st.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by The LA Times, the video footage shows Harris leaving the nightclub at the same time Cherry was leaving the casino lobby. Shortly after, Harris walked over tot he driver side of the Maserati Cherry and his passenger, Freddy Walters were in. Harris, in his Range Rover chased after Cherry after he sped off. A Luck Cab dashboard cam revealed that after a heated chase on Las Vegas Boulevard "the Range Rover pulled into the path of the Maserati, a horn sounded, and approximately one second later, as the Range Rover was next to the Maserati, a gunshot was fired,” according to the arrest warrant.

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Another way for Harris to successfully beat extradition would be to prove he did not fire the shot that killed Cherry.

Not much more of a plausible option as the only person with Harris in the car was identified as 22-year old Yenesis Alfonzo. However, Las Vegas police have stated Alfonzo is no longer a person of interest.

Harris faces three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder, plus counts of discharging a firearm into a vehicle and discharging a firearm out of a vehicle. The Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfso said he would not rule out seeking the death penalty for Harris' alleged actions.