Kentucky Governor Disses His Opponents In A Freestyle & Now He's In A Rap Battle

Gov. Matt Bevin dropped a verse aimed at his political rivals, but one State rep is already spitting bars back.

(AllHipHop News) The Fourth of July is starting with a bang in Kentucky, thanks to the state's rapping Governor Matt Bevin.

Gov. Matt Bevin just dropped a diss record aimed at his Democratic rival Tim Kaine, titled "Tim Kaine? Are you serious?"

The beef seems to have started over letters Tim Kaine sent out in support of Attorney General "Lil" Andy Beshear, who is challenging Gov. Bevin in upcoming elections.

Tim Kaine, as liberal as can be/Tells you everything is free/Yeah. That guy/Sticks his finger in the eye of the working man/He and Hillary, they had a pretty nasty plan

While Governor Bevin may be getting his 15 minutes of fame (again - he dissed Lil Wayne) - not everyone is impressed with his rap skills or his trolling.

Kentucky State Rep. Charles Booker trashed Bevin in his own rapping reply to the Governor.

Kentucky, we got some real challenges/But instead of showing leadership/your governor is rapping/Now he wants to take your pensions/call our teachers thugs and not regret his mentions