Kevin Gates Talks Rehab Being For Quitters, Replacing Negative Habits & More

"This is my first time truly being free."

(AllHipHop News) Kevin Gates is preparing to release Luca Brasi 3. The mixtape will be the Baton Rouge rapper's first project since being released from prison in January.

Zane Lowe selected Gates' "Adding Up" as the World Record for Monday, September 24. The Beats 1 radio host also interviewed the 34-year-old Atlantic recording artist. Part of the conversation covered the topic of mental health.

"I know I’m supposed to be talking about Luca Brasi 3, but this has everything to do with Luca Brasi 3, what I'm about to say. Rehab is for quitters," offered Gates. "You have to replace negative habits with positive habits because everything for me is a trigger. So, rehab is for quitters. And it’s so many people that come to me and tell me, 'Hey, your music has helped me.' So, I'm not trying to be an advocate for people that battle with depression, but I know that I am."

The Louisiana native spoke further on replacing negative habits for positive habits. Additionally, Gates revealed this is the first time he feels completely free.

"I've been enjoying the small things and by focusing on enjoying the small things, it allows you to be appreciative of the large things," he told Lowe. "I mean I'm not trying to sound like this nature lover or nothing like that, but when I was working out, I saw a bird that was so beautiful in my front yard. I was like, 'Man, that bird is beautiful.'"

Gates continued, "I didn’t want to kill the bird and eat the bird or nothing like that. I just appreciated seeing it. It was a beautiful thing to me, and I know before having this conversation with you, maybe years prior, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy that because I always had something over my head lingering, such as legal issues and things of that nature."

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