Kevin Gates To Christians: You’re Commanded To Love Me If I Want To Serve The Devil (VIDEO)

Kevin Gates has been the center of attention on social media for some of his brutally honest comments.

(AllHipHop News) When the New Orleans rapper announced his love for eating ass and having no shame in having sex with his cousin, some members of the public went ballistic. Some of Gates recent comments may cause even more backlash.

The Stranger Than Fiction creator posted a series of videos on Instagram addressing rumors his neck wear represents worshiping Satan. Gates said in one video, “You see the beads huh? You know I’m labeled a heathen.”

He followed that clip with a second video where he added:

You stupid b*tch. You’re talking about my beads. Devil worshiping beads? Cool. But if you’re a Christian, your bible says you’re supposed to love God, your neighbor as yourself and your enemy. So you’re commanded to love me if I want to serve the devil. Or you’re a hypocrite. Which one?

This is not the first time Gates has been accused of devil worship. In 2013, he posted a photo to IGthat included a Wicca and Witchcraft book. Some users left comments claiming the image was a sign Gates practices Satanism.

Watch Kevin Gates’ Instagram videos below.