Kevin Gates Wants To Show Fans How To Avoid Jail

Kevin Gates hopes to keep his fans straight when he gets out of prison.

(AllHipHop News) Kevin Gates is planning on putting the 9 months he spent in jail to good use.

According to the rapper's lawyer Herschel Rush, Kevin Gates will be looking to partner with various organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs.

The rap star hopes to launch a campaign to reach out to young people, to help them avoid getting caught up in the legal system.

Kevin Gates had served five months in prison, for kicking a female fan in the head, during a performance in Florida.

The same day he was due to be released for the incident in Florida, the rapper was sent back to prison for nine months, over an outstanding gun case in Cook County, Illinois.

According to Herschel Rush, Kevin Gates is due to be released this Wednesday, January 10th.

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"The rap star hopes to launch a camoaign..." do yourselves a favor and write the article in Word first so that the spell check can highlight these things for correction ahead of going live.