Kevin Gates Writes His Fans An Inspirational Letter

AllHipHop Staff

Jailed rapper Kevin Gates had some inspirational words for his fans, even though he is locked up.

(AllHipHop News) Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates may be locked up, but that's not stopping him from offering up some encouragement to his fans.

Kevin Gates is currently 30 month prison sentence, from gun charges stemming from an incident in 2013.

The charges and subsequent jail time came just as Gates was preparing to be released from a Florida jail after completing a previous stint, for kicking a woman at a concert in Lakeland, Florida in 2015.

Yesterday (September 6), Kevin Gates dropped the video for his song “What If”, complete with a look-alike acting out the rapper’s role.

The most interesting part of the video comes in the form of an open letter Kevin Gates shared with his fans at the end of his latest visuals.

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Nothing inspiring about a pos who hits women / JJ123