Kevin Hart Blasts Philly Judge's Sentencing Of Meek Mill As "Stupid"

AllHipHop Staff

Kevin Hart issued a passionate plea to free the rapper, Meek Mill. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Comedian Kevin Hart has put the jokes aside to issue an impassioned plea for Meek Mill.

Kevin took to his Instagram account this weekend, to urge his fans to sign a petition circulating on, calling for Meek Mill's 2-4 year prison sentence to be reduced.

"Sign the petition, we're really trying to get this sentence a reevaluated. It's not fair. The guy's not perfect," Kevin Hart said. "He's done somethings in his past life but it's been probation for a large portion of that life.

"The sentencing that he's getting is stupid. Any time the district attorney and the probation officers [says] 'don't send this guy to jail' and still does it, it's personal," the comedian added.

Meek was slapped with the lengthy punishment, for allegedly violating the terms of his probation from a 2008 drug and gun case.

Lawyers for Meek have claimed the judge has a vendetta out against the rapper since he refused to record a tribute song to her, as well as refusing her request to drop Roc Nation in favor of a local management firm.

Kevin Hart joins a variety of high-powered supporters speaking out against Judge Brinkley and her sentence.

In addition to Jay-Z and T.I., billionaire businessman Michael Rubin blasted the decision.
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so because he's on probation that gives her the right to abuse her power? He's being violated for popping wheelies on a dirt bike! his probation wasn't this long to begin with she has consistently violating him for bs reasons. When the DA and and probation officer request that you don't go to jail and you ignore for your own biased reasons is an abuse of power. Last thing we need is two black men tearing down another black man because their jealous of his lifestyle and feel he's stupid. This man is being manipulated for a decision he made at 19 and he's 30. 11 years shes been playing with his life. No matter how stupid you think he is doesn't give the legal system the right to fuck you over and as long as people within our own speak out like the judge is right you confirm what the system is trying to do which is ruin a black man. You don't have to agree with him but you also don't have to speak against him.


Bottom line is Meek took the plea deal for the lengthy probation cuz his ass didn't want to go to jail then. Contrary to what Kev Hart is calling stupid is wack, what's stupid is Meek putting HIMSELF in a situation to where HE violated his probation serveral times. Wouldn't HE be the stupid one for doing that.




lmao. This is pure comedy right here. I like Meek but let's be real, he had more chances then any of us normal people would have gotten. He called the judge a B in one of he joints and she didn't send him to jail and that was well over a year and some change ago. I'm all for support but this isn't one of them. No one told his dumb ass to take 10 years of probation.