Kevin Hart Calls Out Joe Budden For His Cheating Scandal Comments

The Hollywood superstar sits down with ‘The Breakfast Club’ to discuss committing adultery.

(AllHipHop News) Joe Budden can’t catch a break. In a week where Migos and Lil Yachty mocked the Everyday Struggle talking head with an upcoming parody music video, Budden has also caught the attention of Kevin Hart.

The comedian’s interview with The Breakfast Club aired this morning. Part of the discussion included Hart calling out Budden for statements the “retired” rapper made on another one of his shows.

“I don't like the false reality. Like Joe Budden did a podcast on it,” said Hart referring to his revelation that he cheated on his wife. “Joe, you were on Love & Hip Hop with thirty different relationships scandals. I got nothing but love for you though, Joe. I’m gonna go ahead and let it pass because I’m different... I lose respect for the men that you know. N-gga, I know you and I know what you been through! How does this become your spectacle?"

The Philadelphia native did not specifically mention which comments bothered him. However, there is footage of Budden and his podcast co-hosts discussing whether Eniko Parrish would leave her husband after Hart's adultery became public. They also debated the “rules” of having a “side chick.”

Additionally, Hart addressed fellow stand-up comic and friend Michael Blackson on The Breakfast Club. He apparently had a problem with Blackson’s jokes about his infidelity.

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star stated, “Mike turned into the Instagram model that just shows her ass that’s looking for likes… If you don’t know me, I get it. I’m supposed to be your guy. But now you’re looking for likes because the conversation of Kevin Hart drives attention to you. So you put your relationship with me in jeopardy because you want to capitalize off a Kevin Hart cheating scandal? That becomes your bits?"

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Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)


@MattBane someone's not that great at catching sarcasm...


Can't catch a break!!! The Migos mocking Joe & giving his show a shit tonne of publicity is an amazing win!! You're out of your mind.