Kevin Hart Gets Tipsy During Beer Yoga With Chance The Rapper

Kevin Hart gets drunk while doing yoga with Chance!

(AllHipHop News) Chance The Rapper had to rush Kevin Hart out of a recent beer yoga class after the comedian got a little tipsy during their fitness experiment.

The comedian invites various celebrities to join him in alternative workouts for each episode of his YouTube series "What the Fit," and he called on Chance to partake in a new kind of yoga class for his latest episode.

In the show, Kevin picked up the hip-hop star in a cab via ride-sharing app Lyft, and explained the premise of their unusual activity.

"You drink beer while you do the yoga," he said. "This is a real thing...! I would not make this s##t up... I don't know what to expect, you don't know what to expect, that's what makes it dope (great)."

The pair decided to warm up for the challenge by making a stop at a bar, where the stars ordered shots of tequila and two beers, before heading to the yoga studio upstairs.

However, Kevin was already feeling the buzz of the alcohol as the class started, and proceeded to crack jokes while they joined in the beer-themed exercises.

He ended up spilling more than half of one pint as the session came to a close, prompting an amused Chance to quip, "This is totally disrespectful to anybody that really does yoga!"

Kevin then thanked the group for allowing him to film his What the Fit segment during their class, and confessed, "I'mma be honest with y'all. I've had too much to drink!"

"I'm so sorry, guys," Chance said as he guided Kevin out of the room. "I'm so sorry about what happened here today!"

Kevin previously recruited fellow comedy stars Tiffany Haddish, Terry Crews, and James Corden, among others, to appear on his "What the Fit" series.