Kevin Hart Praises Meek Mill’s "Mental Toughness"

AllHipHop Staff

Kevin Hart is giving fellow Philly native Meek Mill some props for staying sane while locked up.

(AllHipHop News) Kevin Hart has praised imprisoned rapper Meek Mill for “displaying a different level of mental toughness.”

Meek was sentenced to serve two to four years in prison in November for violating the terms of his probation relating to a 2008 firearms case.

Fellow Philadelphia native Hart recently spoke to Mill and shared with his followers on Instagram the ins and outs of their “amazing” conversation.

“Just got off the phone with @meekmill ….I love my guy…He’s in a really good space and wanted me to share some things with you guys!!!!! #FreeMeekMill #Philadelphia #MyBrother #PositivityBeatsNegativityEveryDayOfTheWeek,” he captioned the photo of the screenshot of the lengthy note he had written.

“Just had an amazing talk with Meek Mill… I’m loving his mental right now. He is not allowing this minor setback in life to break him… instead he is embracing it and using it as motivation to improve on himself. He is truly displaying a different level of mental toughness,” Hart wrote.

“He wanted me to tell all of his fans and supporters that he truly appreciates all of your support & that he loves all of you for it. All of our lives have the potential to be amazing stories… it’s up to us to write out own story… WE control our OWN destiny…”

The Jumanji star added: “After talking to Meek today I know that he is destined for great things to come. He’s been thru a lot… He is so focused on telling his story and making sure the youth that’s coming up under him doesn’t have to go thru the same thing…”

“Stay strong Meek. Keep your head up. We are celebrating as soon as you get home!!!”

Meek Mill received some good news earlier today (April 16) when prosecutors formally agreed his 2008 conviction for gun and drugs should be completely vacated over corruption allegations levied at the arresting officer in the case.

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F*CK weak meek..........He's NO HERO! STFU & Do Your TIME Cry Baby!


so you have to be a conscious rapper to stand against injustice?


Meek shouldn't be the poster boy for this cause...he wasn't no conscious rapper by far..Meek like the street cred, but not jail time lol