Kevin Hart's Sex Tape Partner Helping Him Find Extortionist

AllHipHop Staff

Kevin Hart's sex tape partner is helping find the extortionist, in a completely odd turn of events.

(AllHipHop News) Kevin Hart's legal team are cooperating with the woman secretly filmed getting intimate with him, to help find an extortionist who menaced the star.

Last month, Kevin admitted being unfaithful to his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish after images of him frolicking with Montia Sabbag in a Las Vegas hotel room were leaked.

The 38-year-old actor was allegedly asked to pay a seven-figure sum to avoid the full leak of the tape.

Sabbag's attorney Lisa Bloom says that although her client has had no direct contact with Kevin since the scandal broke, she is cooperating with law enforcement officials and Hart's legal team to help catch those responsible.

"Right after the weekend in Las Vegas I think they had some contact, but since the extortionist came out with these images, it's all been through attorneys," Bloom tells People magazine. "I've spoken to Kevin's attorney and established a friendly relationship. We're on the same side, he agrees, and there doesn't need to be any hostility or animosity. Let's just catch the criminal who did this."

F.B.I. agents are investigating the case, and are reportedly closing in on the culprit.

Bloom says that law enforcement officials do not view Sabbag as a suspect, but as a victim of the alleged extortion attempt.

"They clearly are treating her as a crime victim and not as a suspect, which is appropriate," she explains. "They are also taking the case very seriously - they were very respectful to us and we were very respectful to them."

The lawyer says she and her client met with officials on Monday and provided them with "theories" on who might be behind the extortion attempt.

The "Ride Along" star alleged he was an extortion victim in a post on Instagram in which he also apologized to his wife for his "recent behavior".

"I made a bad error in judgment and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen and they did," he said, before claiming someone was trying to "make financial gains" over his "mistake".

The star held a lavish baby shower party for Eniko on Sunday, reported to have cost a staggering $118,000.

At the bash, the couple revealed their unborn son would be named Kenzo.

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Kevin then F-ed up. When you're famous you got to pay a side chick to keep it on the low. You can't be hitting random chicks, get a loyal chick who knows her role.