Kevin Powell Makes Congressional Run, Launches Website

Hip-Hop activist Kevin Powell is making a run for the United States Congress.

Powell, who is vying for a seat in the 10th Congressional District in Brooklyn, N.Y., said a Congressional run is the "logical next step" for someone who has been a public servant for two decades.

"I am completely committed to the ideals of freedom, justice, and equality, in America, and on this planet, and I am proof that much can be achieved if we are determined to make a change, personally and politically," said Powell, a writer who came from a single-parent household, extreme poverty and "the kind of circumstances which have locked so many in a cycle of despair and hopelessness."

Recent events such as 9/11, the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina are incidents Powell cited as motivation for running, in addition to what he calls the " the exploitation and manipulation of our values and our differences."

"I want to use my voice, in Washington, D.C., on a national stage, in a way that affirms our humanity, not denies it," said Powell, a product of Rutgers University. "It is time for new leadership, a new generation, to push us forward, and I want to be a part of that wave of fresh ideas, of new visions, for these times, for the 21st century."

To learn more about Powell and his run for Congress, visit Donations can be made online via Pay Pal or mailed directly to:

Friends of Kevin Powell

P.O. Box 24810

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