Khia Alive And Well, Readies New Single

Contrary to a rumor that has floated across the

nation, Tampa Florida's Khia is alive. Her

song, "My Neck, My Back" has been burning up radio airwaves across

the country and gossipers have been spreading the rumor that she was dead. According

to the rumor, Khia was shot and killed after she passed HIV to her husband.

"I just want to let all my people know that I'm fine and the rumors are

not true," Khia said. Her album, "Thug Misses" is currently sitting

at the number 4 position on Billboard's Independent Album Chart, while "My

Neck, My Back" is the currently the most played video on BET.

Khia, who is preparing her next single, "The

K-Wang," will prove to her fans that she is alive and well. She will perform

on July 6th at E! Entertainment's celebrity Swimwear Fashion 2003 show at the

Opium Garden in South Beach, Florida. The event will be broadcast on E! Entertainment.

"It's crazy how these things get started,

but it's good that people are looking out for me," she said.