Khia Preparing New Self Produced Album

Florida artist

Khia is set to drop her long awaited sophomore release Gangstress, her

first album in four years.

The Thug Misses Entertainment/Warlock Records disc set will arrive in stores

on July 11 and features self-production from Khia, who hit big with the single

“My Neck, My Back” in 2002.

The first single,

“Snatch The Cat Back,” is currently in rotation throughout the South,

and the video will be released this month.

“I produced the whole album, only working with engineers J.A. and John

Miller in Atlanta,” revealed Khia to “I was in control

getting my own partnership with Warlock Records - they love the CD. I’m

real excited about everyone seeing that I was hands on with the production.”

“I had fun when I wrote this album, it’s real versatile,” says

Khia of Gangstress. “I did a lot of different types of tracks. The

first album was kind of sexual, a lot of different stuff with relationships.

This album I did club tracks, fun party tracks. I took different avenues and

mixed it up this time. The people that thought I was a one hit wonder will see

the different range that I went in with this album, and see that I am a lyricist.”

In addition to her album, Khia is reportedly working on penning a new book to

be released this Christmas entitled Gangsta Love, with the plot centering

on her life story.

A 40-city tour is also being planned to support her new CD.