Khujo Goodie Freed; Lawyer Explains Rapper's Arrest

(AllHipHop News) A lawyer for Goodie Mob member Khujo Goodie explained his client’s recent arrest and why the rapper was able to beat a two-year sentence today (July 21st) in court. According to Khujo’s lawyer Daniel Kane, the rapper was ordered to serve two-years out of a five year sentence starting in June. Kane told Atlanta’s Creative Loafing that Khujo, born Willie Knighton Jr., was convicted on three felony charges in two separate incidents: once for possession of a firearm and another one for having marijuana in his possession. Prosecutors sentenced Khujo Goodie under the assumption that he was already a convicted felon, due to a previous gun charge in 1990. According to Kane, the charge in 1990 was legally void and should have been removed from Khujo Goodie’s record under the First Offender Act, thus allowing the rapper to be released from prison today. "The mistake was that they thought he was a convicted felon because they thought he was convicted in 1990," Kane told Creative Loafing. "So I went back into the archives and got the 1990 case, researched it, pulled the records and presented them to the district attorney and the judge in Henry County and said he could never be a felon in possession of a firearm — there were three counts — because he was never a convicted felon. It was a first offender case, and the court agreed." Khujo was greeted by Goodie Mob members Cee-Lo and Big Gipp, as well as Dungeon Family/Outkast member Big Boi. A new sentencing hearing is slated for August 3rd. Khujo Goodie is featured on Big Boi’s new upcoming single “Tangerine” featuring T.I., taken from Big Boi’s new album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.