Kid Cudi Blogs About Altercation During All-Star Weekend

AllHipHop Staff

Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi has dispelled the notion that he was arrested in an altercation in Phoenix during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Cudi was set to perform at a Reebok party when an altercation transpired between the rapper and Reebok employees of the event. Reports detail the verbal altercation becoming physical fight. Police were called where Cudi was then tasered after officers couldn’t control the rapper.

“I was tasered (s**t hurt like a muthaf*cka), I was not arrested.” said the rapper on his blog at “I didn’t put my hands on anyone; the muthaf*cka I was trying to touch, I couldn’t reach his f**kin’ collar to grab him.”

In reports by eyewitnesses, the rapper defiantly wore Jordans to a Reebok party as the source of the altercation, but Cudi claimed that intelligence is false.

“It wasn’t over me wearing Jordans. I arrived at the event in the most 'fugliest' Reeboks ever," he said.

Cudi also noted that he immediately left the scene in car service after the incident ended.

Although the rapper presented his side in his blog, he was vague about why the altercation transpired.

He said he just wants to make music not be involved in such drama.

“This s**t really makes me want to fall back on this music s**t yo, s**t is getting out of hand,” he lamented. “I’m just a dude who wants to make ill music to help people on their day to day grind, help them get thru it to accomplish whatever goals they have in life.”

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