Kid Rock Arrested

Kid Rock was released

from police custody, after posting $3000 bond on a charge of simple assault.

The rapper/musician

allegedly punched a DJ during an altercation after 3:00

am at Christie's Cabaret, in downtown Nashville.

Police said that

the altercation occurred over the selection of music.

Local television broadcast footage of the DJ, Jay Campos, leaving

the club with a red mark on his face, carrying his broken eyeglasses.

In related news, the rapper's relationship Warner could be souring.

Kid Rock recently ended his relationship with publishing company

Warner-Tamerlane and threatened that an exit from the label - despite owing

three more albums - could be next "pending their attitude."

Warner Music Group was bought by Edgar Bronfman Jr. for $2.3

billion dollars in November of 2003.

The company is privately owned but sources stated that an IPO,

which will make the company publicly traded, is on the horizon.

The Detroit bred rapper said that Warner didn't support his

2004 tour and said that he was looking to place his new recording projects with

a company that was more interested "in music than IPO's."