Kid Rock's Sidekick Joe C. Dies


C., born Joe Calleja, passed away Thursday (November

26th, 2000). His death was the result of an intestinal disorder

that had affected the 26 year for most of his life. Calleja, who

stood about 3 feet 9 inches, had to take almost 60 pills a day

for his disorder. He joined Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker Band

after Kid Rock spotted him in the audience at a show and thought

he was a child.

Kid Rock had fond

memories of his friend and stage partner. He said: "Joe C. - that

little mother used to come to all my shows. He would stand on

tables in the front row, and sing all the lyrics. It bummed me

out because I thought he was some little kid. After one of the

shows, Joe C comes up to me and asks if I wanted to smoke a joint.

That was the final straw. I asked him to take me to his dad, and

he got pissed. He started yelling, 'I'm grown! I'm grown!' No

matter what color, religion, race, or beliefs we have, he made

us all smile. He gave us the gift of joy. Joey, thank you. We

will never forget you. We love you."

Joe C. debuted on

Kid Rock's Devil Without A Pause album and contributed to the

South Park Soundtrack.