Kids Book Company Claims Jay-Z Took "99 Problems" From Ice-T; Wants Lawsuit Dismissed

AllHipHop Staff

Jay-Z could be forced into court in Australia over an escalating legal war with a kid's book company using the lyrics to "99 Problems."

(AllHipHop News) The company battling Jay-Z in Australia for using his lyrics and a kid's book is fighting back in court.

In November, Jay-Z's lawyers in Australia filed a lawsuit against online retailer The Little Homie and the book's author Jessica Chihaover over their book "AB to Jay-Z."

The mogul claims they were infringing on his copyright for using lyrics from his classic song "99 Problems" in one of their books, which teaches kids how to learn the ABCs.

The Little Homie hit back at Jay in court, claiming the lyrics are not even his since he licensed the hook from Ice-T, who released the original version of "99 Problems" in 1993.

The company also denied that they are infringing on Jay-Z's trademark, saying they printed a clear disclaimer stating the use of the artists' names does not constitute an endorsement of their book.

So far, it appears Jay-Z is the only artist to challenge The Little Homie for lifting lyrics.

The Little Homie is also selling books featuring lyrics from Beyonce, Nas, and even gangster rapper 50 Cent.

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Who does this Australian company think they are to use these people’s creations without permission? This is like plundering or “exploring” 😆 HOW do u justify taking the creative product of these artists and just profiting off of it?? And The Little Homie?! I’m so tired of this objectifying and appropriation. And of course, people are ready to villanize this man for doing EXACTLY what you would do if someone took your work and starting profiting off of it. Like you would like that....don’t lie to yourself.

Lil Pal
Lil Pal

Yea,. Saw that coming. Give Ice-T his respect due.


Exactly, it shows how petty and greedy Jay really is. He bit off of Ice-T, and he also bit off KRS-1 (As Nas noted on Ether) with the Blueprint... That was Kris' shitz back in the day. He stole so many of Biggie's lyrics; stole Jazz-O's name, etc... SMH...


Jay really 👀 👁👁👁 fucking with little kids books about learning man you sad ASF for that. By the way you bit from Ice-T was the first one that came out with 99 Problems