Killa Army Readies Latest Album


the 6 man collective of Wu affiliated emcees and

one in house producer, prepare for war once again.

The group's third album, Fear, Love and War,

bears the mark of maturity. “On this album,

we are showing a more mature side of the group but

we are still the same as ever,” member Killa

Sin said. "We are just doing us and not falling

into the traps of the system.” The album, a

2-year project in work, comes after a significant

lay off from the group.


group emerged in 1995 with the impressive album,

Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars and then 1998's

Dirty Weaponry. With the RZA backing the

group, the future appears promising but the climate

for hip hop isn't exactly perfect for the group.

They aren't about to conform to the ways of the

rap world.


commercial rap is still somewhat trapped in arena

of cash money and hoes, the crew say they plan to

move forward with their own plan. “We’re

not with all those funny style raps about cars and

jewelry. We’re trying to feed the mind with

our music.” Still, portions of the group still

want to enjoy the finer aspects of life. “I

want those things, but the thing is, that’s

not all there is to life,” said Baretta 9.