Killer Mike, DJ Paul Want You To Leave Their Guns Alone

Killer Mike and DJ Paul have some thoughts on stricter gun control laws.

(AllHipHop News) The March For Our Lives in Washington went down yesterday, with tens of thousands of students rallying in support of stricter laws regarding gun ownership.

Rappers like Common, Vic Mensa, Kanye West and even Snoop Dogg rallied in support of the idea.

However, two well-known rap stars took an opposite stance as the marches took place.

Run The Jewels group member Killer Mike dropped a PSA with the NRA supporting gun ownership.

In fact, in a segment titled "The March to Less Freedom," Killer Mike told NRA TV that he actually made his daughter undergo firearms training, after a 2017 shooting at Savannah State University, where she is a student.

“We are a gun-owning family. We are a family where my sister farms,” Killer Mike said. “We are a family where we'll fish, we'll hunt, but we are not a family that jumps on every single thing an ally of ours does because some stuff we just do not agree with.”

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia echoed Killer Mike's concerns, however, Paul seemed more ready for the apocalypse than another school shooting.

The Oscar Award winning artist referenced an old episode of 20/20 which aired in 2007.

In the segment, a guest predicted America would run out of money for homeland security within 20 years.

"They just need to be more safer in who they giving these motherf##kers too," DJ Paul said. "But we need assault rifles, cause it's some s##t about to go down here. They better keep them f##king assault rifles out here cause it's all we gonna have to use to protect ourselves from them other f##king countries."

Like DJ Paul, Killer Mike also envisioned a bad future for the United States and African Americans in particular, if stricter rules are placed upon the Second Amendment, which gives Americans the Constitutional right to bear arms.

“You're gonna progress us into slavery. People say slavery can't exist. Slavery does exist now,” Killer Mike predicted. “Slavery exists, according to the 13th Amendment. The same people who are telling you we need to abolish the Second Amendment, they ain't there for the documentary '13th.' They aren't there to march to end that.”

Meanwhile, students at the March For Our Lives had a message for the NRA and their supporters.

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Black people stay out of this!! This fight is not ours. When our youth is getting slaughtered by the hundreds in the ghettos there are no outside races coming to assist our cause. And I applaud these white groups for protecting their kids, but that's THEIR kids. A drug epidemic and gun violence in the suburbs? The chic Karma is one bad bish.


Unless you totally ban Semi Automatic Rifles and hand guns you still looking at Mass killings happening. The people status from Columbine to Parkland no law currently proposed would have stopped them as they were in the system at that time from being allowed to have guns. In the parkland case the laws on books weren't followed up on. People love to take the debate sides opposed to the solution side.


The funny thing is this does not relate to most street niggaz. A Lot of street niggaz are felons, so they can't LEGALLY own a gun anyway. DJ Paul must not have any felonies. If niggaz want assault rifles banning them won't stop the streets from getting them. Banning them will stop LEGAL our purchases. At the end of the day banning assault rifles won't change someone with intent to harm. A person with intent to harm can still kill a mass amount of people without an assault rifle. Banning assault rifles is just a consolation for tgese senseless school shootings. NOW people want them banned BUT choppers been around. Choppers been responsible for gangstas spraying shit up. But now alot of little white kids dying so NOW it's a problem? Hmmm I wonder why life is so valuable when it hits the Burbs is all I am saying.


Never thought I'd live to see people march en mass to beg for their rights to be taken from them, but that's 2018 for you.