Killer Mike Plans To Run For School Board After Rap Career

AllHipHop Staff

Atlanta rap star Killer Mike has revealed some interesting plans for his career, post-Hip-Hop

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Killer Mike's eying a role as an education official in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia once he hangs up the microphone.

The Run The Jewels star shared his thoughts for his retirement plan in a Twitter exchange with fans on Thursday afternoon, after one follower remarked on a story about Drake losing his cool at an after-party show in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, when he blasted a male audience member for touching women in the crowd without their consent.

"I'm pretty sure @therealelp and @KillerMike did this at Lolla months ago," the fan commented online, remembering a similar incident at this summer's Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Illinois. "But it's all good, at least they (stars) saying something."

The post prompted Killer Mike to respond, "I announce that pretty regularly & I mean it. U touch a woman... umma try n f##k u the f##k up on sight."

Another follower commended the hip-hop star for standing up for what's right and then asked, "@KillerMike you ever think about running for office? ATL (Atlanta) would've honored to have you serve."

Mike then revealed he had been thinking about serving the public in another way after he steps back from his music career.

"When I’m done rapping I’m Gonna run for school board," he tweeted.

The rapper and activist, real name Michael Render, previously launched a last-minute campaign to run for office in Georgia in 2015, but his bid for state representative failed as he was unable to complete the necessary paperwork at the time.

He then turned his attention to campaigning on behalf of former U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and was dismayed when the Democratic Party representatives chose rival, Hillary Clinton, to unsuccessfully challenge Donald Trump for the White House last year.

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I know I'm being selfish but I want the R.A.P. Music Killa Mike back. This coffe shop hip hop he doin now is cool but by no means is it for the hood.