Killer Mike Realizes He’s Good Enough For High Museum's Board Of Directors

Killer Mike has joined the board of a prestigious museum.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Killer Mike has come to terms with his new position on the High Museum of Art's board of directors.

Earlier this year, he was nominated by Atlanta artist Fahamu Pecou and joined the respected board at High Museum of Art for a three-year term.

Killer Mike stated, “Fahamu is quite different. His ability to convince a room of people who knew very little about me that [having me on the board] was the right thing to do. He is a cultural bridge between what people would consider fine art in the city of Atlanta naturally, and the art form that is hip-hop. Just the fact that he considered me of a high art standard is a huge compliment."

Being in the game for over a decade, Killer Mike, real name Michael Santiago Render has always displayed exceptional skills in connecting the worlds of art, activism, and music by covering topics such as income quality and police brutality in his raps.

For that reason, the museum felt Killer Mike was the perfect fit.

“I sing and dance. I’m a rapper. Rappers, although we are artists, aren’t always favorably seen in the art world," Killer Mike said.

The new position also had the Atlanta legend reminiscing on his journey and overcoming self-doubts, eventually realizing he truly deserves this coveted spot.

“The first few months have been me getting immersed and getting nervous because I’ve never done this before. And then I’m a working-class person, so there is always that question of am I good enough? But once you get past the first few weeks of emotion, things fall into place and you understand that ‘yeah, I am good enough. I’m supposed to be here.’”

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