Killer Mike Talks Possibly Running For Office In The Future

Is the Run The Jewels member planning to step into the political ring as a candidate?

(AllHipHop News) Michael "Killer Mike" Render is one of the most outspoken political voices in contemporary Hip Hop. The Run The Jewels emcee was also closely aligned with Bernie Sanders during the Vermont Senator's run for president in 2016.

Will Killer Mike ever step into the political arena as a candidate? A paparazzo spoke to the Atlanta resident about why he hasn't run for office yet.

"Because I rap. I make money rapping and I got four children," responded the "Reagan" performer. "Political office should be held by people who are above bribery. I can't say I'm above bribery right now [laughs]."

Mike continued, "In eight years, they'll probably get tired of seeing me jump around on the stage, and I'll run for school board or some local county commissioner."

In addition, the Grammy winner advocated for "regular people" to seek local political office. Mike even stated he's willing to support the campaign of a non-celebrity, non-politician that has a good chance of winning and has good things to say.