Kim Kardashian One Up's Kanye's Tweets With Pic Of Her Crotch

AllHipHop Staff

Kim Kardashian stole the headlines from Kanye West with this photo.

(AllHipHop News) While Kanye West is busy bearing his soul on Twitter, his wife Kim Kardashian is flaunting her flesh.

Earlier today (April 25), Kim Kardashian hit up her account with some nude photos.

Kim took a page from Kanye's ex Amber Rose and snapped a picture of herself cupping her bodacious bosom, in addition to a candid shot of her unshaven crotch.

The pictures served their purpose - to promote Kim's new KKW Fragrance.

The photos come just as her husband Kanye West made his grand return to Twitter after almost a year of silence.

Kanye has managed to grab headlines around the world with his tweets, which have ranged from philosophical quotes to addressing claims that he has been acting "erratic," after he fired his entire management team earlier this week.

Kim also seems to have a problem with Kanye addressing claims that he is in a "sunken place."

Kanye hit up Twitter this morning and posted pictures of the interior of their multi-million-dollar, Los Angeles mansion.

Kim took a swipe at the producer/rapper/businessman, in a series of follow-up posts.