Kim Kardashian Working With French Montana To Free Max B.

The reality star is getting ready to help spring Max B. from jail.

(AllHipHop News) French Montana has won the support of Kim Kardashian to help him secure the release of his incarcerated rapper pal Max B.

Kim has been focused on criminal justice reform for over a year and was successful in her battle to win clemency for Alice Marie Johnson, who had received a life sentence following a 1996 conviction for a non-violent, first-time drug offense.

She received a pardon from U.S. President Donald Trump after meeting with Kardashian and was released last year.

Now Kim, who is studying to obtain her law degree, has turned her attention to Max B, who has been serving time behind bars since 2009 when he was found guilty of murder conspiracy and robbery charges and sentenced to 75 years in prison.

French Montana revealed he has been discussing his close friend's case with Kim, and she now wants to offer her services.

"Me and Kim was talking about getting Max B home from jail," he explained in an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio. "'Cause she's doing the whole thing with (criminal justice reform)... So, like for her to even reach out and do that, I felt like that was powerful."

It's not clear how Kim plans to tackle Max B's case, but in 2016, Montana claimed he had accepted a plea deal for aggravated manslaughter in exchange for shortening his sentence, which would allow him to walk free in two to six years.

Kim has yet to comment on the news, but she recently revealed she is taking a four-year apprenticeship with a California law firm and studying for her degree in the hopes of passing the bar in 2022.

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He coming home.....she gets people out of jail without a lick of criminal defense.




FAKE NEWS, Max is coming home this year regardless of these 2 clowns!!!