Kim Mathers Files $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit


Mathers has added more drama to

the life of Eminem. On Monday, she filed a $10 Million dollar

lawsuit against Eminem, claiming that he was unfit to retain custody

of his daughter. Eminem filed divorce papers last week in Detroit,

seeking to end his marriage to Kim, and establish joint custody

of their child. In the counterclaim, she of course noted Eminem's

attack on a man outside of a nightclub in Warren Michigan and

his run in with the Insane Clown Posse.

Kim Mathers attempted suicide in July after watching Em perform

at the Up In Smoke Tour in Auburn Hills, Michigan, in which he

brought out an inflatable doll that he introduced as Kim, and

then proceeded to toss it around the stage. The $10 million is

in response to such harsh lyrics as Kim and Just The Two Of Us,

where he depicts killing his wife.