Kimora Lee Simmons Arrested

Kimora Lee Simmons,

wife of mogul Russell Simmons was arrested in New Jersey and charged with a

series of drug and traffic violations, after she was stopped and marijuana was

allegedly found in her vehicle on Sunday (July 25).

According to reports,

Kimora was driving near her home in Saddle Brook, New Jersey when officers attempted

to pull her over.

Police allege Kimora

made no attempt to stop and did not pull over until she reached her home.

Kimora was charged

with eluding a police officer, possessing marijuana, careless driving, operating

a vehicle while possessing a controlled substance, tail-gating and having a

taillight out.

She and her clique

charge that she was a victim of excessive force as well, as she claims to have

bruises on her wrists.

Hip-Hop tycoon Russell Simmons,

Kimora’s spouse, said the arrest and subsequent “abuse” shocked

him. Simmons said that his wife may have also been the victim of racial profiling.

“When my wife noticed

the police were behind her, she put on her hazard lights and drove a short distance

because there was no shoulder on the road,” Russell told

“She drove to her home where the entire illegal search and abuse was filmed

by our home security cameras. The first question they asked was ‘is Russell


Similarly, Kimora’s

attorney accused the police of illegally searching the car and also stated that

any unlawful drugs in the automobile belonged to an unidentified passenger.

Furthermore, her

attorney also said that her arrest was another example of police targeting prominent

members of the Hip-Hop community.


had a great relationship with the police chief and most of the Saddle River

Police Department,” Russell told “The arresting officer

was one we don’t know. I guess we enjoy a privileged life in that community,

but my guess is that other people of color who drive through are not afforded

the luxury we have. I am always looking for new material for my new show on

Court TV, but I didn’t think my family would be candidates to be featured

on it.”

In related news,

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