Kire question once slaves overtook their oppressors where were they suppose to go since we came over by boat not bus unable to read or write oh and there is that is was against the law remember slavery got abolished ehich mean slavery was legal. Not to mentioned the fact we came over by boat chained not armed they were armed. Soooo we cant read write families were sold to diff owners now how were they suppose to find them And we didnt have law on our side HELL "WE HAVE LAW ON OUR SIDE NOW" And cops kill us on cameras sodid all the numerous ppl who died.the hands of cops over a broken tail light did they have a choice too im a leave YOU WITH THIS IF IT WAS THAT EASY FOR SLAVES TO OVERTAKE GO AND TRY TO OVERTAKE POLICE AND SEE HOW THAT BATTLE END PLEASE NOW I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO SQUARE OFF WITH COPS JUST TRYING TO PUT IN PERSPECTIVE FOR YOU PLEASE READ WERE ALLOWED NOW