Klassik- Summer EP

Weston Rich 8 (1)

Back in February, I wrote an article about the up-and-coming Milwaukee artist Klassik and his Spring EP. A lot of things have changed since then. First off, The Milwaukee Bucks were decimated by The Chicago Bulls in a crushing 120-66 loss to end their playoff hopes. But just in case you were for some reason unlucky enough to have ties to a city no one else really cares about, there is hope. Klassik have followed up their solid Spring EP with the appropriately title Summer EP.

While Klassik is already a well-established imprint in Milwaukee, the artist is quickly In addition to Allhiphop, the duo is quickly receiving attention from the most established names in Hip Hop media, such as The Source, Papercut, and even The Huffington Post (kinda a big deal).

Long days, warm nights. Vibrant and full of life, the summer season is a time for celebration. Escaping from the glaring cold of Winter, and drying off after the “reign” of Spring, Summer brings freedom and happiness. A creative climax in the artistic psyche, the sounds of this season are grander and lush; flowers in bloom or swelling strings, this is beauty epitomized. Play these at high volume, optimized for warm nights with windows or tops down.

Summer EP is more of a genuine look into the inner motivations that directly influence Klassik's output. He seems to treat every song as personal soundboards, where he isn't hesitant to share his innermost thoughts while paying meticulous attention to structure and the overall sonic effect simultaneously. "Fucks With Us" is the pinnacle of these efforts, a smooth harmony that exquisitely compliments Klassik's confessional, offbeat style. In my original article, I talked at length about Klassik's adept harmonizing talent, but the beautiful fusing of rhyming/rapping makes for an enjoyable listening experience. "Never Belong" is a top-notch execution of these sentiments, allowing Klassik ample room to stretch his vocal chords as well as floss his lyrical abilities.

My only grip with Klassik is that his releases, although speedy, are hardly enough to satiate the appetite. Like his Spring EP, his Winter EP features only three songs. Fans can only hope that someday soon the Milwaukee emcee will construct a full mixtape/album to capitalize on his steadily increasing hype. In the meantime, we picky music vultures can content ourselves with the plethora of music Klassik has released to the interwebs. As always, make sure to track his interweb movements. You can stream the entire Summer EP below.

Also, check out his most recent video "Boogie": http://youtu.be/OX_kU2oHumE