Kmart To Enter Into Urban/Hip-Hop Fashion

K-Mart is getting into the Urban fashion business,

with a new line of hip-hop inspired clothing called Ched-da. Created by a company

in New York, the clothing line will appear in over 50 Kmart stores in New York,

New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., on September 1st. If the

clothing line is successful, it will role out nationally.

"You can be cool, and you don't have to

spend a lot of money," Tobi Rubinstein, president of Ched-da, told the

Detroit Free Press.

The clothing line features oversized denim jackets,

jeans and shorts available in X-large, double X-large and triple X-large. The

clothing line also features long and short sleeved T-shirts and a buttoned down


Kmart filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization

and is focusing on capturing a larger urban audience. According to Kmart statistics,

one-third of Kmart's shoppers are Hispanic and black.

Rubenstein said that Kmart was her clothing lines

only distributor, but was confident in the partnership with Kmart. "I'm

no different than Sean John I'm just $9.99."