Kobe Bryant Holds Launch Party


Bryant held a launch party for

his new label venture, Heads High Entertainment at the House Of

Blues. There was a packed house, with each patron paying $15 to

see Bryant and his label roster to their thing.

The first act, featuring

two 13 year olds and an 8 year old, named Da Babies took to the

stage and tried to rile the crowd and like the rest of the acts

to follow, capitalized on wearing Kobe's Laker Jersey. Kobe took

to the stage later in the evening with artist Uneek for about

a minute, before disappearing backstage. Around 11pm, Kobe finally

took to the stage and performed a few of his own songs. Kobe,

who's lyrics strangely deal with the pitfalls of Urban life, (isn't

he from the Burbs, and wasn't he raised in the country side of

Italy?) seemed comfortable on stage.