Kodak Black Accused Of Jerking Promoters Out Of Hundreds Of Thousands

Kodak Black has more issues to deal with in court.

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black is accused of swindling two promoters out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and now he's facing a lawsuit.

The rapper's frequent arrests have landed him a pair of lawsuits, claiming he stiffed different promoters and skipped shows.

One promoter named Corey Minniefield says Kodak cashed a $45,000 check last February to perform, but the rap star was busted for a probation violation on the same day he was supposed to perform.

Kodak made the issue worse when he blew off the makeup date.

The same thing happened to another promoter named Nicholas Fitts, who paid for a concert featuring the rapper on March 3, which Kodak missed because he was in jail.

Kodak also missed the makeup date for that concert as well, because he was still locked up on the day the show was supposed to take place.

Nicholas Fitts is suing Kodak Black for at least $123,000.