Kodak Black Begs Judge For 24-Hour Monitoring So He Can Fight Rape Case

The rap star is in a serious legal bind now.

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black is begging a judge to release him from a jail in Miami, so he can fight a rape case in South Carolina.

The rap star has been locked up for almost two weeks now, after being taken into custody during the Rolling Loud festival on Saturday, May 11.

The feds say Kodak was caught lying on an application to purchase three guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The cops accuse Kodak of using one of the guns and some of the ammo during a drive-by shooting on another rapper in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Kodak is asking a judge to place him under 24-hour surveillance, so he can make a series of appearances - in a South Carolina court - to fight a rape charge.

The rapper, real name Bill Kapri, is facing 10 years for the gun possession charges, and he's facing 30 years over the rape allegations.

A judge has yet to rule.

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He’s disrespectful and reckless, I knew Karma would come back to get him.


His career over.