Kodak Black Raided, Arrested And Charged With 7 Felonies

Kodak Black seems to enjoy getting in deep trouble!

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black is in trouble again and he now has 7 more felonies to add to his rap sheet.

The rapper was arrested in Broward, Florida and slapped up with several criminal charges like two counts of possession of weapon or ammunition by a felon, grand theft of a firearm and child neglect, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and two counts of probation violation.

The rapper, real name Dieuson Octave, posted an Instagram Live video the authorities coming into his home and taking his phone immediately.

A person told the 20 year-old artist: "Your phone is part of this search warrant. You are not going to get your phone back."

Kodak is presently in Broward County Detention Center, according to reports.

The problematic rapper racked up several sexual assault charges in October 2017 in South Carolina. He was already on house arrest at the time of his arrest, which was a portion of a five-year probation. He had plead no contest to robbery, false imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm by a delinquent, according to UPI.

Kodak Black released Project Baby Two in August to the delight of his fans.

who is he gonna give up to stay out of jail...

I really don't know why these new age rap artist put themselves in so much Dumb situation like this. Social Media must have them clueless they have all this Money flashing, smoking, drinking, putting there kids on there?????????? I guess Kodak does have some type of Tunnel Vision or something. LOL Now they will always keep a watch on him....

keep this junkie locked up

yes you are right

Dude looks so demonic with these tattoos all over his face. Word of advice: "remove those illuminati tats dude", you are cursed!