Kodak Black Reaches Settlement With Promoters After Going On Vacation

AllHipHop Staff

Kodak Black has settled a pair of lawsuits.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Kodak Black his managed to put two legal issues behind him.

According to reports, Kodak settled a pair of lawsuits which could have cost him over $100,000.

In the first lawsuit, Kodak Black agreed to fork over $10,000 to a financing company after he crashed a late model BMW.

Kodak also reached a settlement with a Florida promoter, who sued the rapper for $100,000 amidst claims that he skipped out on a concert, so he could go on vacation instead.

According to reports, Kodak Black reached a settlement with promoters to give back the amount he was advanced, which was about $3,000.

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Bingo @Noname


Take notes kids average rapper fronts. 10k for FINANCING A car?