Kodak Black's Lawyer Says Killer Cop Illegally Profiled Rapper During Gun Buy

AllHipHop Staff

Kodak Black claims a Miami cop with a violent track record had it out for him when he tried to buy guns.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Kodak Black says a racist, violent detective illegally profiled him in a gun store last March, leading to his arrest and current legal problems.

Kodak was busted at during the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami in May, after cops claimed he lied on an application to buy several handguns and ammunition.

The cops claim Kodak lied on his application and was charged with making a false statement in the acquisition and attempted acquisition of a firearm.

The rapper's lawyer says infamous Detective George Eugene happened to be present in the store as Kodak attempted by several guns. He reportedly observed the young flashy rap star put down a deposit and leave the store.

Kodak's lawyers say Detective George Eugene then ordered an employee to review the rapper's application which led to a deeper investigation into his background.

The rapper's lawyer says Eugene's racial profiling was illegal and so were his demands to look into the rap star for no reason other than his looks.

Detective Eugene is an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department. Back in March of 2016, he was accused of shooting and killed a 22-year old named Kentrill Carraway.

The cops claim they were doing a narcotics operation in the area of 76th Street and 21st Avenue in the city when they encountered a group of males hanging on a corner.

The cops said when they approached, several men attempted to flee, but Carraway attempted to draw a gun from his waistband.

Detective George Eugene fired his weapon and shot Carraway - in the back.

Witnesses shot a video in the aftermath showing no weapon near Carraway's body, but the cops claimed they recovered his weapon.

Detective George Eugene has yet to be charged for his actions, and apparently, he is still on the loose, patrolling the streets of Miami as well.

“The person that Kentrill was that he would never pull a gun on a police officer,” his sister Teshara Carraway said. “I have a million questions, like the purpose of preventing the violence was the reason why they created teasers. If he is running and his back is turned why would the first option be a gun?”