Kodak Blacks Legal Team Blasts Cops Over Son's Treatment During Raid

Kodak Black's lawyers are going after three cops they claim took it too far during a raid.

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black and his legal team have their sights trained on several police officers with the Broward County Sheriff's, over the way they treated the rapper's two-year-old son.

Kodak's house was raided on January 18th, by the Broward County Gang Unit.

The raid was prompted by an Instagram video Kodak posted five days earlier, where the two-year-old child was shown to be in the presence of marijuana smoke and guns.

Kodak's lawyer told TheBlast that cops left the two-year-old "on the porch in a diaper and T-shirt staring at his father while he was in handcuffs, and did not get pants or shoes until Kodak’s legal team showed up and demanded the child be taken care of.”

Kodak's lawyer has deposed three of the officers who took part in the raid, which was supposed to be a simple probation check.

The three officers are scheduled to be deposed on February 8th.

Kodak Black remains behind bars until his next hearing on February 23rd

Kodak is facing seven felony counts in connection with the raid, which turned up a small amount of marijuana and a stolen handgun.

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