Kokane: 'I'm G-Unit. Period'

As rumors swirl about

50 Cent and G-Unit signing multiple veteran talents from across the country, one

more vet has added his name to the new arsenal of artists slated to be added to

the roster.

Rap and Funk veteran Kokane

told AllHipHop.com that he is about to be the next artist signed to G-Unit Records.

"Spider Loc made it

all possible," Kokane told AllHipHop.com. "I talked to 50 Cent, and

he was like, 'Man, I been listenin' to you for a while, and looking for you

for like a year.' Me and Snoop kinda went our separate ways," said Kokane.

Kokane, also often credited

as Mr. Kane or Jerry Long, already has been recording with Tony Yayo and Young


"Tony Yayo put me down

for four songs the first time I seen him," the veteran said of recording

with the Queens rapper. "I did four songs, did the hooks in less than two

hours. He was impressed by that. I thank him for the invitation."

The rapper's career stems

from 1989 and his emergence into Hip-Hop, by way of family members in pioneering

West coast group Above The Law.

Kokane would go on to provide

many of the Funk inspired vocals on Dr. Dre hits like "Let Me Ride"

and others.

In 1994, Kokane debuted

with Eazy-E's executive-produced Funk Upon a Rhyme.

In more recent years, he's

worked with Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and Kurupt. Kokane reflected on this new


"I have influenced

a lot of people in this game. Instead of being mad at it, I'm honored,"

Kokane reflected. "But now, I've stepped into the right position –

that's messing with G-Unit. They don't have hidden agendas, they've got they

paper. Being with Sha Money [XL] and them, they some real n***as. Ain't no sugar

coatin' the game.”

Kokane said the ink hasn't

dried on the deal yet, but that he was still officially with 50 Cent and company.

"Dealing with

these [G-Unit] n***as so far, it's been good – it's a beautiful thing,

Kokane said. "The paperwork ain't officially there, because we playing

phone tag with attorneys, but I'm G-Unit. Period."